The current domestic situation in the Bay Area, California has led people to leave the city life and move to places where there is a more holistic lifestyle. The ‘Grid House’ is a multi-generational family home revolving around the concept of sustainable living within a structure. The 10’ by 10’ gridded structural form houses programs required by the family to sustain themselves but still have the option to expand vertically or horizontally as needed. These programs include a vegetable garden & hydroponics, chicken coop, harvest room and living spaces. 
This concept of farming-in-a-structure and being-off-ground allows for the land to replenish itself with minimum impact from the house. Moreover, in support of minimum impact, the house has a small footprint that supports the upper levels with the use of gridded mass timber construction and deep trusses to suspend the house. The two families have a common level on the third floor where the space is open and defined by shelf walls. The senior couple occupy the second level while their son and family live in the fourth level. With ample openings on the exterior to bring light in, the space feels open to its surroundings and connected to nature.
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