A-Frame homes have been stuck in time through construction and footprint.This design creates an environmentally friendly A-Frame modular home by shearing and shifting programs that are separated by a covered courtyard.The courtyard adds a buffer space between the working/resting and the kitchen/bathroom space that may be used for gardening & vegetation. It also brings the spacious nature into a normally compact space.The deck around the building is an extension of the inner courtyard that surrounds the A-Frame. Our project approaches the A-Frame House typology through the lens of adaptability, while adhering to construction assembly.
This modular a-frame is adaptable to any site and uses affordable materials that also keep in mind the durability of the structure.The exterior frame would use alaskan cedar while the interior furniture would be simple plywood.The long south-side of the building is cladded with solar shingles that will provide energy for heating and electricity.While on the north-side, a green moss roof provides insulation.
The off-grid characteristics of this design, allows residents to be able to work anywhere with a transformative space, while framing the exterior environment. When it is time to work, the bed folds up and reveals a couch and ample lounging space.The tables fold down to provide a working area. Storage is tucked into the built-in furniture. By shifting the A-Frame home, it creates different views within the defined space, creating a feeling of connection between the built and the natural environment.
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